Halftime Report ☀️ Summer 2023

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

My name is Tim! 👋 I design things like logos, brand collateral, websites, online advertising, digital marketing, ecommerce sites and content creation for small and midsize businesses.

Everyone is so busy these days, it's refreshing to reflect and re-connect halfway through the year. The work showcased below highlights the value of graphic design and how it can attract new customers through StoryBrand and marketing.

If you work for a business or know someone that can benefit from creative design services, refer a friend and receive a gift from me :)

11 years as a RGD

The business of graphic design consists of principles, professional conduct, strategy and marketing. I stay committed to exchange ideas, educate and inspire, set professional standards and build a strong, supportive community dedicated to advocating for the value of design.

Sketchnotes Portfolio

I’m excited to launch my Sketchnotes Portfolio that features a collection of graphic recordings over the years. Let me know what conference or event I should attend this year.

Pixel Flex Pens

Back to the basics ✍️ Ideas start with sketches, that turn into concepts. Those concepts evolve into designs that develop into your next product, business, brand, website, or marketing campaign.

New Design Work

Finish the year strong & start your new project today.

Graphic Design

Stand out from your competition with brand collateral, and marketing materials.

Web Design

Build your next business website using Webflow, Wordpress, or Shopify.

Logo Design

Start your StoryBrand with an identity that reflects your business.

Product Photography

Increase ecommerce conversion with high-quality images of your products.

Email Marketing

Grow your audience and attract customers with an online campaign.

Content Creation

Engage with your customers with blog posts & social media.

Let's work together!

I'd love to hear what you've been up to, reply back to this email and tell me about your next project or business idea :)

Tim Lum RGD​
Pixel Flex, pixelflex.com


P.S. If you want to book a free Creative Strategy Session, check out my Office Hours for the next available date. Book Now!


Create websites using Webflow

My favourite software service I use to build custom websites with is Webflow. Launch your next project that is optimized for marketing and backed by design.


Listen to Beano Beats

My first side hustle in high school was creating mixtapes that I would sell for $5. As I look back, these were some of my earliest memories of designing and marketing. Listen to the 25th Anniversary of Beano Beats.

Barrie, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
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Hey, it's Tim 👋

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